Please consider joining us and becoming a voice for these two causes to ACT 4 AMY  and vow, from this day forward to:
  1.  I will be sure my children wear a helmet when riding their BIKE or SCOOTER(even for a quick minute)
  2. I will not use my cell phone for text messaging or emailing in the car & only use a hands free device when necessary to talk in the car.
Please consider the list of requests below, we ask that you choose at least one, then feel free to copy and FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO SPREAD THESE IMPORTANT SAFETY AWARENESS ISSUES
  1. Take the NO PHONE ZONE pledge. Regardless of the circumstances of Amy Sue’s accident, we all know there have been close calls for us due to cell phone use in the car. (see Oprah’s NO PHONE ZONE PLEDGE. 
  2. Make sure your own children, your friend’s children, kids in your neighborhood, or children you work with and for, have helmets on for these activities
  3. Pray for Amy Sue Root and her family. (she has a brother and sister – single mom is a Hospice nurse) If you attend church or other religious setting, please add them to your prayer chain.
  4. Consider a monetary donation for this cause and visit Amy Sue Root for ways to donate. 
  5. They are truly in need of short term and long term help. $1,000,000 worth of insurance coverage gone in 3 weeks and turned away for governmental funding.   
  6. If you have no money to donate, a “thrift” store where high-end items will be sold on E-bay and less expensive things will be sold out of an NSB location TBA soon. Go through that stuff that you were going to consign or donate and contact us for a drop off location.    
  7. Consider ways that you might help through your workplace, church, civic organization or other volunteer group. A Fundraising Committee has been formed to help Amy Sue and we will be happy to field your ideas for helping her. Feel free to join this group too as people from all  over the country are jumping on board to help.