Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

Amy Sue is currently in brain rehab in Jacksonville, Florida.  At this time, her diagnosis is that she is not a candidate for rehab and they are planning to discharge her home on April 26, 2010. 

Amy will require tons of medical equipment as she still has a trachostomy and PEG tube and of course a permanent shunt placed in her head.  My family will also require a van handicap wheel chair accessible to transport her to outpatient rehab and doctors appointments.  Unfortunately, I am not getting an extension on my family medical leave and am having to pay COBRA insurance, that I cannot afford. 

It seems as through the future of my family is dependent on the kindness of family, friends, and strangers at this time.  I think our health care system is a joke ..... what happens to the middle class, working people in this country??? 

God Bless
Sue Root (amy's mom)

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  1. April 28, 2010
    Dear Susie, Lauren, Amy, Noah,
    You are all eternally in my prayers. I wish that I had a huge chunk of $ to send your way to eliminate these financial strains. I know how hard you have worked, Susie, for the good of others - including Mildred when I asked you to check up on her.
    I'm still looking for work out here in CA. The economic situation here in CA is pretty bad. I'm hoping that something turns up pretty soon.
    I shall always remember precious Amy and her beautiful smile and her gift for uplifting everyone with her spiritual words of love. I shall never forget that prayer that I was blessed with hearing coming from that precious child's soul of pure love.
    You are all very much in my prayers, and as soon as I have some extra $, it is coming your way.