Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thank you ALL!

I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for all the love, caring, and support my family has received over the past month.  I can hardly believe that on FEB 24th it will be one month since the accident.   I am still very emotional and have moments that I just cant talk much, so forgive me!  AMY SUE will be 9 years old on March 1st....She was born at Halifax not far from where she is now!  She is allowed to have balloons and stuffed animals and cards but flowers remain at the nurses desk due to her intensive care status.  My children and I will be struggling more than ever during the spring birthdays of my kids.  We are still so very hopeful and have FAITH in GOD!  Amy Still has some infections and will remain in intensive care until those are gone. SUE ROOT

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  1. Good Morning! Unfortunately I did not get to the hospital yesterday as I am getting sick. It made me very sad :( but was the best thing not to expose Amy to my germs. The nurse told me she had what appeared to be a "brainstorm" yesterday and was given some Ativan to calm her down. I will be going today to see my little girl!