Thursday, February 18, 2010

Update-February 18

Update from Amy's Mom:

Amy made it through a few surgeries and now we are focused on her infections and in the future a permanent shunt placement. The nurses are taking her off sedation and she has her eyes open but still to early to say if she sees us yet. Thank you all so much for being so wonderful to my family! God Bless!


  1. Reading ths tugs at my heart. 8 weeks after we had our son was born my husband, while at work was struck by the tail rotor blade of the helicopter, cutting into his brain in two places and inducing a stroke. he was rushed in for surgery, had the tubes gauging the pressure in his skull and another extracting the cerebral spinal fluid to keep pressure down as his brain swelled from the injury. The prognosis was very poor and chances of survival were grim. And then they began waking him from his coma and the first couple days there was no response, his eyes were open but no response, he slowly began to recover, talking etc.. it has been a long road, almost 2 years. but he is here and he recovers more daily.. although he lost feeling on his left side he has learned to walk and cognitively he is doing better than the drs couldve anticipated with the damage he has. I guess the reason Im sharing this is because I know how scary it can be, the waiting, not knowing.. not being able to eat, or sleep or think... My prayers are with Amys family at this time.. My hope for them is they stay strong and have faith, miracles happen

  2. Benefit Yard Sale! Fri. Sept 10th at 861 Chickadee Drive Port Orange, Fl. 8am-2pm. Sponsored by Sue's coworkers. Come on out and help us to raise funds for Amy!! Iris